INR 3,500.00

Textured Waffle weave towel in Hand spun and handwoven Linen. Minimal selvedge details. These towels dry quickly. The unique flat weave of a waffle towel allows it to dry much quicker. Point scored for eco-friendliness! The trim silhouette of waffle towels makes for a much less bulky environment, whether in the linen closet or the washing machine.

- Made in India
- Contrast Selvedge
- Minimalist orange detail

*Please note every towel size may vary a little as all the products are handwoven.

Each Runaway Bicycle Home Linen piece is entirely handmade by artisans using the old traditional techniques of weaving, dying, and looming. The idea behind each product is entirely based on celebrating the process of handwoven and handcrafted Indian textiles.

Size: 85 x 195 cms