In the beginning 

There was a man and there was a woman
There were Do's and there were don'ts.
There were cans and there were cannot's.
There were axes and there were aprons.
There were pants and there were corsets.
There were boots and there were heels.
There were pinks and there were blues.
There was his and there was hers.
There were pockets and there were handbags.

And then there were some questions.

Like why should it be any different for us? Why couldn't our pockets be more like pockets? Were our phones not the same size? Were our wallets any smaller? Did our hands did not need the solace big pockets offered to them? So we at Runaway Bicycle made pockets for all our clothes.  Big enough to carry things in. Big enough to put idle hands in. Big enough to question sexism in its smallest form.

Written by Preeti Verma