What does sustainability mean to us?

It means many things to us.

It begins with working with traditional knowledge. Many of our artisanal traditions advocated a more time consuming and fastidious approach to making fabrics that lasted longer. Ironically these very traditions are now losing out to faster and cheaper methods, jeopardizing their business and eventually their craft too. These crafts are invaluable and need to be sustained at all costs.




No matter what we do, making clothes takes its toll on the world we live in. The only way is to make less of them. The truest test of our craftsmanship lies in the longevity of the products we make. Not only are they infused with a daily wearability but also the ability to withstand multiple washes.  We want you to buy less, wear longer and throw less.

Eventually, our design philosophy sheds all dependence on trends and fashions. A changing season doesn’t necessarily have to mean a changing wardrobe. We believe fabrics should get softer, the older they get. Clothes should get more comfortable with every wear.  Simplicity and emphasis on ‘comfort before form’ make our clothes hard to stop living in.